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one toke over the line

You tell me, I forget. You teach me and I remember. You involve me and I learn. --Ben Franklin

The truth is the best journeys always begin with an epiphany.  The real world is so much more fascinating than anything a lesser attuned mind might imagine.  The history of our planet. The phenomenon of man.   The beginning of civilization.  There’s a plethora of real mysteries left for the average being these days.

The journey begins..

Where my pursuits may someday lead me is but a line that is yet to be written.  I’m an avid investigator. eager archaeologist and relentless researcher.  But these are only pretexts.  A writer that possesses the affliction of curiosity.  I strive to be a simple historian, nothing more and nothing else.

My heroes are men like Percy Fawcett. Isaac Newton, Thomas Jefferson and characters like Indiana Jones and Fox Mulder.  I want to believe that the truth is out there.  If it exists then I am meant to understand it.  If we take all the bits and pieces of fact and knowledge that we have in the world available to us, Adamu was built to figure it out.  I’m compelled  to glimpse behind the curtain.  If only I could obtain the slightest hint on where it all might lead!   The things written here are not new things, but ancient things written about many, many times over.

The “missing” journey

History is a riddle to be solved.  A fair, logical accounting of what we now know is imperative if we are to succeed.  Understanding is the key.  Let’s re-examine what has previously been discarded, leapt over or ignored.  The idea there are stills things left to be discovered constantly gnaws at the edges of my logic.  We missed something!

I believe that there are pieces that we missed, and then some that are deliberately hidden by intent.  Oh to come upon some bit or scrap of information, a long-forgotten clue, left us by our ancestors or creators and then find the right step in the right direction at the right time and finally learn the truth!

The journey is its own reward

I try in my writings to be as even and as unbiased as I can.  My attempts at relaying the information to those that are interested are as level as I can make them.  Try as I might I have a tendency to become passionate on any of these subjects that so ignite my penchant for exploration.  In that regard, I would ask that as you read through this data you learn tolerance.  Learn to follow the clues.  I love a good mystery!  Food for thought as they say.

I find myself drawn back to these unique riddles and conundrums again and again.  It’s still a puzzle to me, a mystery to be solved!  Forgive me if I tend to dramatize my own beliefs on occasion.

An honest search with an open mind.  My intent is to obtain a bit clearer picture of who and what we are.  All things worth ponderin’ is my mantra.  Fascinating!

The journey continues…

I wrote this page just to say thanks to those that have read (and hopefully continue to read) my efforts to record what history has put forth.  You have all been gracious and generous with your comments.

Stay curious my friends.   The journey is its own reward!