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In both Hebrew and Greek, the word “angel” translated into English means “messenger.”

There are only two passages in the bible that refer to beings with wings.  Neither of these beings are called angels.  They were called seraphim and cherubs.  A curious thing about the angels who appear in the bible, they look very much like humans, yet not exactly like humans. There is always something identifiably different about them.  Could it have been something they wore?  Something they carried with them?

Angels with wings

Sometime around the 4th century BCE, human artists began depicting angels with wings, similar in appearance to man with that one exception.  People being changed into angels when they die is a fairytale perpetuated by churches and religions.   Man was not designed to fly.  Without technology.

If people had wings we, like the birds, would have evolved a much lighter construction and body weight.  Hang gliders span around 18 feet.  Hang gliding may give you an idea of how big our wings would have to be.  Assuming we could flap our wings, then the wings could be slightly smaller, perhaps 15 feet.

The Wandering Albatross has the largest wingspan of any living bird, 8–12 ft.  The heaviest of these birds have been recorded weighing almost 35 lbs.  A healthy, petite woman weights roughly around 3 times that.

The great biologist JBS Haldane, who was having some fun with the traditional picture of angels mused that you would need a 20 ft wing span, and a breastbone 6 ft deep to support the necessary muscles, let alone the metabolism required for the necessary power.

For humans to fly it would take more than wings though.  Along with the chest muscles, we would need much bigger, more efficient lungs and a stronger heart.  Adamu were not built to accommodate the ability of flight.

We, like birds, would have hollow bones.  Man has not yet evolved enough to fly.  Not without technology.

So what are angels?

Today angels are portrayed as more guardian than messenger.  Religion has tainted the original context of these beings.  They do not perform the same function as the angels found in older versions of this text.  These beings were messengers from Nibiru sent by Anu to communicate with the gods he sent here to oversee the mining operations on earth.  Nothing more.

Are there many different classes of beings; seraphim, cherubs, angels, nephilim etc?  Regardless, it seems likely that the “Adamu” stand alone as a singular creation unto itself.

The journey continues…