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The bible begins with the creation of all things, but there is precious little detail to help fill in the blanks.  The creation of the planet. Blink. Land and sea. Blink,  Day and night. Blink, etc.   It all just “happened” in a flash.

If Moses got the story directly from God, then why is there not more to the story?  God created Life.  Created man.  Surely that event deserves a whole book instead of a few dozen verses.

Daniel and the lion’s den is a commonly known story from the bible.  You think you know it, but what if you don’t?  Paul and Thecla, do you know the story?  Solomon, the master of demons.  Solomon, the alchemist?   How did (Revelations) a book of prophesies even make it into religious canon when the bible doesn’t include all twelve of Jesus’ disciple’s books? Yet be held in the same regard as the actual letters written by the early church founders ?

What did Moses follow through the desert for forty years?  Could “A pillar of smoke by day, a pillar of fire by night” be something other than spiritual?  When Jacob laid down to rest in the field one night he awoke to see “God” standing at the top of a ladder, with “angels” moving up and down.   Why would God need a ladder?  Elijah was whisked off to heaven, not once, but twice.  His description of the vehicle of transport sounds more mechanical in construction than supernatural.  Did you know that Enoch was also transported to “the heavens” without dying as well?  Enoch is Methuselah’s grandson and Noah’s great-grandfather yet only appears briefly (2 times) in the bible.

There are somewhere between 8 – 11 primary versions of the Christian bible recognized throughout history.  In the last one hundred years, many ancient documents that date from the ancient times have surfaced and some have told familiar stories with some fascinating differences.  Then there are those texts that have been attributed to familiar people themselves rendering a different perspective on ancient events.

Gnostic is Greek for “hidden things” or “hidden writings”.  The Dead Sea scrolls, The Nag Hammadi, The Testament of Solomon, The Book of Enoch and another 60 or so texts listed in the Apocrypha.  All these are considered to be gnostic texts.  Left out of the bible, these texts didn’t make the cut.  It would seem that religion demands and advocates a certain amount of knowledge remain hidden from the masses to mold an effective cocoon for faith.

I am fascinated by the accounting of events laid out in the bible.  Always curious I find so much more each time I return to it as a resource for thought.   There are things there that are truly inspiring and worthy of in-depth consideration.  Seeing through the veil that “religion” has cast over this book and these stories for millennium intrigues me.

The double-edged sword

Finding the story only exists in the bible is what makes the bible extraordinary in many ways.  Only finding the story in one place always brings the veracity of the document into question.  The coveted “second source” that is so revered in authenticating a theory by scientists and biblical scholars alike remains elusive.    White true that finding the bible story is taken from an older text diminishes its uniqueness, it does not degrade the integrity of the story itself. On the contrary, a case could be made that it simultaneously strengthens the scientific argument for its veracity.

I refer to the bible a lot in my research, for truly there is something unique found there.  Knowledge comes from consideration of all available data. It is surprising how many times the bible meshes amazingly well with what history has recorded in other sources elsewhere. Indeed, the bible records some of the very same stories that are found in the Sumerian Tablets.

Logic says to look elsewhere for more clues.  Corroboration is a step in my confirmation of proof process.  The journey continues…