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Almost all ancient texts detailing man’s origin record the Gods descending from the stars and creating man.  Creationists rely on ancient texts and stories passed down to them orally for many hundreds, sometimes thousands, of years after the fact before they were ever written down to begin with.  Very, very rarely are these written accounts recorded by an actual first person observer and yet it is these very stories that are so highly regarded as a recording of unchanging, irrefutable truth.  These records seems to show evidence of an intelligent, intentional act of creation.

Origin: DNA

Scientists postulate, extrapolate and speculate.  They count on the most recent advancements in technology to increase our understanding of how and where we came from.  Man, a natural evolution of a species.  Evolutionists tell us that we are a series of mutations from lower lifeforms spanning millions of years to bring us to where we are now.  Self-aware.  Sentient.  In truth, there is evidence found in nature that supports the existence of the process of evolution.

Origin: Science

Scientists are able to trace the roots or ancestors of every species ever discovered, except one.  See (Missing Link).  Man.  Religion is merely legend or myth, invented by man they say.  Ancient superstitions left over from when man was young and had to have an explanation for lightning and thunder and things that growled outside the cave at night.

Origin: Religion

Religions espouse the tenets that science is nothing more than a series of feeble attempts by man to play God.  At best, a dangerous pursuit.  At worst, haughty and foolish.  Either way, doomed to failure.  Pure science has failed to provide any better clues to man’s origins as has pure faith.  Neither can claim proof.

Origin:  Science = 0   Religion = 0

What if both science and faith, in some combination, are required on the path to the real truth?  I remain unconvinced of either argument in this matter.  These two theories aren’t mutually exclusive.

The journey continues…